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Serving Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin and Surrounding Areas
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Las Vegas Commercial Pest Control

Las Vegas Commercial Pest Services

Heritage Pest Control will perform a thorough inspection of your facility, and provide you with a recommended Integrated Pest Management Program. We will work around your business hours to insure discreet and convenient service. In addition, we offer a variety of options including odorless pesticides. We handle all types of commercial pests including roaches, rats, mice and other rodents, birds, bees, bed bugs, scorpions, ants and spiders.

Only pesticides registered and approved by regulatory government agencies are used by Heritage Pest Control. All pest management services are performed by trained and uniformed service technicians.

We Provide Pest Control Services for:

  • Multi Family Properties
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Hotels and Hospitality Industry
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hospitals and Assisted Living
  • Food Service
  • Dental and Medical Facilities