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Las Vegas Bee Removal

Las Vegas Bee Control

When you observe a swarm of bees gathering around an outside wall, roof or in a tree near your home or office, chances are that they will move on within 2-3 days.

When bees are form a swarm, the are typically trying to rest. If it’ near the dusk, swarming bees may end up staying on your property until the morning.

Helpful Hints

  • Assume the bees are the aggressive Africanized species
  • Do not make any sudden movements near the swarm or hive
  • Do not make any loud sounds near the swarm or hive
  • Do not spray any insecticides, water or powders at at the swarm or hive
  • Do not throw rocks or any objects at the swarm or hive
  • Do not swat bees buzzing around your body
  • Warn your neighbors that a swarm or hive is in the area
  • Do not disturb the swarm or hive even at night
Killer Bees

Africanized bees agressively defend their hive. They frequently attack people and animals who unknowingly wander into the territory near their hives. Africanized bees can pose a serious health rish because they attack in greater numbers and pursue intruders for greater distances. Africanized bees are easily agitated by everyday noises or vibrations (from cars, people walking, talking, etc.) in the territory near their hives. Africanized bees are also more likely to attack dark colors. If you feel that you have a bee problem give us a call today!

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